Get the Balanced Perspective on Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

If there’s one mainstay for which our automaker has become well-known, it’s its AWD system: Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. In fact, it's such a centerpiece of "Confidence in Motion" technological expertise that it's standard on all our new Subaru cars and SUVs here in Surprise, AZ except the rear-wheel-drive BRZ sports coupe. But many other makes and models on the market offer their own all-wheel-drive variants, too. Ever wondered what sets ours apart from the rest?

For one, Subaru AWD is permanent and always on. So, whether you're trucking across rough Goodyear terrain in the all-new Crosstrek subcompact SUV, Forester compact crossover, or Outback wagon, tacking through bad Buckeye weather in the latest Legacy four-door or Impreza sedan or five-door hatchback, or adrenalizing your Avondale drive in a new WRX sports car, you can count on a firm grip on the road or trail.

What's more, its structure incorporates the celebrated SUBARU BOXER engine, mounted in-line, “flat,” with the drivetrain, meaning even power distribution to all wheels at once, prioritizing those with grip. This, in turn, optimizes balance and stability well in advance of wheel slip, resulting in better traction and more rapid response, in contrast to other "slip-then-grip" electronic AWD systems. Versus front-wheel drive vehicles, that means compensation for understeer on which you can rely, while versus rear-wheel drive, it means dependable oversteer management, especially during turns.

Factor in Subaru active safety systems like Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Vehicle Dynamics Control, and it's clear: Subaru Symmetrical AWD delivers better, more confident handling, whether over rugged, rocky landscapes, through rain and over water, or across snowdrifts. Best of all, though: its design, simpler than that of other manufacturers, features fewer moving parts, meaning less maintenance, and it's often less expensive at that.

Eager to get a feel for how the system handles? You're welcome to visit us here at Subaru Superstore of Surprise, 13090 N Autoshow Ave, for a test drive, where you'll find a showcase of new Subaru models from which to choose. We'll be happy to put you on the level!

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