Buying a new car could be a reality with your tax refund

At Subaru Superstore of Surprise, we want Arizona car buyers to make the best deal possible. For some, the idea of buying a new car is only a dream but if you like millions of American, you're expecting a tax refund in the coming months. That refund could be turned into a new car and help with interest and payments.

Nearly a third of all Americans will receive a tax refund with the average being around $3,000. If that's you, turning that refund into a new car is not only easy, it makes financial sense. Your refund can be used as a down payment. When you make a larger down payment, it can give you more lending options which could lead a smaller monthly payment. Lenders like to see money down because they know you are serious about buying a car. That could lead to a better interest rate which could possibly lower your total loan amount by thousands of dollars.

Other ways to use your refund are to use the down payment for the upfront cost of a lease. Some car owners love a lease because the monthly payments are normally lower, and the term is shorter. You may also want to consider using your refund to pay down your existing loan to make your trade-in more attractive.

However you choose to use it, your refund can go a long way toward getting you a new car. If you are shopping for a car in the Goodyear, Buckeye or Avondale area, bring your refund to us and let our staff help you get the new car you have been waiting for.

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