4 Tips For The Break In Period Of Your Subaru

Automotive manufacturing today, especially for Subaru models, is incredibly advanced. That means that the engines go through a precise break in period at the factory to ensure you get the highest quality for your new car purchase or lease. However, authorized Subaru dealership service center would like to offer the following four tips for the break in period of your new Subaru. Your owner's manual will provide further information, and you're always invited to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Scheduling your next service appointment only takes a moment right here online, or come see us in person at 13090 N Autoshow Ave., Surprise, AZ 85388.

Internal engine parts including a piston and valves

4. Gently Introduce The Engine To A Full Range Of Driving Demands

Since the engine in your new Subaru has been through break in procedures at the factory, there really isn't much you need to be concerned with. However, it is still recommended that you gently introduce the engine to the full range of driving conditions that will be asked of it in the coming years. It's also suggested that you avoid running the engine at the same speed for prolonged periods. So, avoid the cruise control, go about your daily drive around town, and make a point to put it on the freeway for brief periods. Once you've put about 1,000 miles on the engine, feel free to head out on that road trip and enjoy the cruise control. by the time you have these miles on the odometer, your new Subaru should be well broken in.

Closeup of tachometer with check engine light on

3. Try To Avoid Hard Acceleration

This is just good advice when it comes to taking care of any daily driver. Bringing a vehicle that weighs somewhere around 3,000 pounds or more takes a lot of work. Mashing the gas from a stop asks a lot of any engine, even the renowned BOXER® engines found in every new Subaru model. So, instead of putting this kind of stress on your new car, try to avoid hard acceleration during the break in period and down the road, too.

front disc brakes with wheel removed

2. Try To Avoid Hard Braking

Today's roads are hectic and unpredictable, so if you must slam on the brakes to avoid an accident, don't hesitate. However, just like the various components throughout the engine, the brake system in a new car should be gently broken in. So, try to start braking for that stop light a little sooner so your new car can gently come to a stop. This way the many components throughout the brake system will have a chance to settle in for long and reliable life.

1. Don't Miss Scheduled Maintenance Stops

Every scheduled maintenance visit is important for your new vehicle, but we tend to think of the first stop as one of the most important. First, don't forget that these recommended maintenance stops need to be done at an authorized service center like the one at Subaru Superstore of Surprise. This is not only an important part of keeping the manufacturer warranty in good shape, it's here that you'll have the advantage of factory-trained technicians looking everything over. Also, consider that the first oil change is where these expert technicians can look through and ensure that everything on your new car is working just the way it's supposed to. While it may be rare for the factory to make a mistake, it does happen. The first scheduled maintenance stop is where it gets found.

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