Things to Know About Vehicle Brake Maintenance & Repair

"Wear items" are components on your car that are expected to wear out and be replaced periodically. There are a bunch of wear items in your car's braking system -- and you'll need to monitor their condition and have them replaced at the right time. Otherwise, you might lose stopping power or damage your car's brakes!

To help you out, we've identified four important wear items on your car's braking system. We'll tell you on this page how often they'll need to be replaced. When you need work done on your car's brakes, stop by our service center to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable service advisors.

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#4: Brake Fluid: How Often Does it Need to Be Replaced?

A study released by AAA in 2014 says that the most often overlooked maintenance item on cars today is actually the brake fluid. Because in some circumstances it can continue working for many years without incident, most people forget or don't even realize that their brake fluid needs to be periodically flushed. That's because brake fluid can absorb water from the atmosphere. Too much water in the brake lines can affect your car's stopping power.

As with all things, we recommend following the recommended maintenance schedule in your owner's manual to determine when to change your brake fluid. For instance, on a 2018 Subaru Outback, the brake fluid should be bled from the lines and replaced every 30,000 miles.

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#3: Brake Rotors: How Often Do They Need to Be Replaced?

You're probably aware that you'll need to replace the brake pads on your car periodically, and its onto the brake rotors that the pads clamp down to create friction and slow your car down. Over time, from the heat and other stresses of braking, your brake rotors can become warped or damaged and they'll eventually need to be replaced, too.

Brake rotors can last 70,000 miles or more on your car before replacement is needed. What's more, they can often be "turned" instead of replaced. To "turn" the brake rotors means to mount them to a special device that allows the brake rotor to be resurfaced. The damaged surface is filed away until a fresh layer of metal is revealed underneath. If you're unsure how much life is left in your brake rotors, stop by Subaru Superstore where one of our technicians can evaluate your brakes and recommend any necessary repairs.

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#2: Brake Shoes: How Often Do They Need to Be Replaced?

If you have drum-style brakes (most often found on the rear wheels of economy cars today), they also have components that need to be replaced. While the brake linings are called brake pads on disc-style brakes, drum brakes have drum shoes instead. They work a bit different, and may last a bit longer, but they should still be regularly checked and replaced.

#1: Brake Pads: How Often Do They Need to Be Replaced?

How long your brake pads and shoes will last varies wildly, depending on the kind of driving you do. If you do a lot of freeway cruising, you probably don't need your brake pads replaced as often as you would doing a lot of urban stop-and-go driving or dealing with lots of mountain climbs and descents.

That's why Subaru no longer recommends a particular interval for replacing your brake pads -- rather, the official Subaru recommendation is to have your brakes regularly inspected by a factory-trained professional. For example, the 2018 Subaru Impreza owner's manual says to have the brake linings inspected every 12,000 miles.

When you stop by the Subaru Superstore of Surprise service department, we'll be able to look over your car's entire braking system and identify any wear items that are ready to be replaced. It's the best way to take care of your car!

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